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Can We Help You Buy or Sell Your Home  ?

Yes We Can!

Your Home Guides is an unbiased, objective information resource for Home Buyers and Sellers.  

How Do We Do This?

By teaming you up with of your own personal,   vetted third party real estate professional who is there to offer 24/7 education, guidance and support when you need it.  By doing this, you benefit from the extra layer support that is so needed today!

What Does This Cost?

We are compensated by the Real Estate Firm you select so our services are free*!

*Subject to a fully refundable $99 processing fee when you close through our Concierge Services


I  have never owned a Home, so where do I start?



We Will Show You


 I filed for bankruptcy 6 years ago due to an illness.  Where can I apply for a mortgage?

We Will Show You



How do I decide on which offer to accept?

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How do we handle multiple offers and select the best one for me?

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My company has given me 60 days to accept their offer.  How do I price my home?

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How will I know whether this is a good time to put our home on the market ?


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Who Are We?

  • We are a real estate education and referral company that    provides one on one guidance and support by pairing our buyers and sellers with one of our vetted real estate professional who will work with you throughout your home buying and/or selling process.


  • While we are licensed real estate brokers, we are not a substitute for the actual real estate representatives we have identified for you to handle the purchase and/or marketing of your personal residence.

  • What we do is provide an extra level of one on one support and knowledge to guide you in choosing one of the Realtors® we have pre screened for you.

  • And yes, "We Have Your Back".


Here Are Just A Few Included Services We Offer To Our Buyers and Sellers


  • We pair our buyers and sellers with an unbiased, dedicated real estate professional who is solely committed to offering support as well as answer questions and  offer real estate related alternatives.

  • We provide an extra layer of support designed to promptly respond to your questions, guide and assist you, and if necessary, intercede on your behalf.  

  • Your Home Guide will always be available by email, phone and/or video when you need them.

  • Your Home Guide will review the Home Buying/Selling Process so  that our buyers and sellers are fully versed on these topics.


  • Your Home Guide will show you how to identify the best lender and financing options specifically tailored to your financial profile.

  • Your Home Guide will pre screen as well as educate you on what you need to know to select the best Realtor® to work with.

  • Your Home Guide will reach out to our buyers and sellers on a weekly basis so that issues and opportunities can be promptly addressed.

  • Your Home Guide "has your back" from the day you join us to closing

Here are some typical questions that our buyers and sellers ask

Home Entrance
Why are we offering this cost free service?


Let's Face it!  Individualized customer support has evaporated.  If you're buying or selling your home, you are most likely making the biggest decision you'll ever make.   So why not have a real estate professional at your side to guide you in making crucial decisions regarding the sale or purchase of your home?

We're committed to helping you 

Your Home Guides is an independent resource NOT affiliated with any Real Estate Firm, Franchise, Builder, or Lender. Therefore, we can provide FREE Impartial information and support to Home buyers and sellers so you make better decisions.

Ready to take advantage of our services?


Just click here

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Explore our Resources 

From Guides, Q&A, to our Blog and Concierge Service, find the tools to help you on your Real Estate Journey.

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Ask a Question

Can't Find your answer? We're here to help. Use our form and one of our Experts will get back to you.

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Partner Network 

We partner with the finest and Highest Ethical Standards-based Businesses to assist you on your Real Estate Journey.

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Our in-depth guides are jam-packed full of tips and everything you need to cover when buying or selling a home. 

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Learn more about YHGuide's Mission and Our Founder - John Herman, a professional with over 30 years of experience. 


From the Latest Real Estate News to Insight and knowledge, our Blog is a treasure of valuable information. 

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Contact us

Want to contribute to our Blog? Or know more on how to partner with us?
Get in touch through our Contact Form.

What People say About Us

"There's so much Real Information out there these days, it's a bit overwhelming and hard to know who and what to trust. I love Your Home Guides, you can see John is truly an expert and really cares about giving you the support and information you need. Thank you!"


YHGuides Blog

Stay Up to date 



Needs vs. Wants Assessment Tool

We have created this exclusive interactive tool   to guide you as to how to determine what you NEED vs. WHAT you want in your next home.

A must for those interested in buying a home!

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*  By submitting your question(s), you acknowledge that the content on this website as well as responses, if applicable, from our advisors and vendors are for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute professional advice. You further agree to hold 4 Real Estate Advice, it’s advisors and/or vendors from all liability for any information provided by Your Home Guides and its’ advisors and others. Please understand that we can not provide legal and tax advice as we are not licensed in this area. 

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