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Concierge Service


A Partner by Your Side from start to finish!

Our no cost Concierge Service takes you a step forward by teaming you up with your own real estate partner who's sole responsibility is to guide and support you from selecting the best Realtor for you to reviewing your closing information for accuracy. 


Our Counselor's are hand picked experienced real estate professionals that are vetted to ensure that they possess the knowledge, credentials and professionalism  to represent our Concierge Clients.  Please click here to review what we require of all our Counselors. 

Isn't it time you have someone looking out for YOUR Best interests.

Get more Results with less hassle, totally free*

Our Concierge Service is a streamlined and easy process.

Buying a House

Our Process is streamlined - We get you the support you need to make the right decisions and get your dream home as quickly as possible.

Handing Over Keys

Your Representative will find the right Agent for you, based on your needs and goals, you deserve the best, nothing less.

Happy Family

Our Representatives always look out for your bests interests not anyone else's.

Home Owners

Your Representative will be by your side, from beginning  to end, advising you along the way.

How it Works


Get your Personal Home Guides Representative

Your Representative will reach out to you and review your information, and learn exactly what you’re looking for in an Agent and your Goals.

He’ll be by your side throughout every step in the purchase and/or sale of your residential property, ensuring you have a smooth process.


Ongoing Support through search and mediation

Your Representative will be by your side every step of the way and see how you and your agent's efforts are doing.
He’ll always be there to answer your questions, offer advice and make you’re having a seamless experience.


Fill out the Concierge Form to get started

Tell our team exactly what you’re looking for – Either Single Family or a Townhouse, 2 bedrooms or bathrooms, we’ll find what you need.


Your Representative will find the top 3 Agents best fit for you

We only choose from the best Agents, who have the experience,  Know the markets and  Neighborhoods you’re looking for and have a  track record of closing deals.
You’ll get all the Agents information to review and chose. The Approved Agent will contact you in 24h. 


Hands Off,  Worry-free Contract & Closure

Once you find your dream home and it’s under contract, Your Representative will work alongside your Agent to make sure all the deadlines, conditions, and paperwork are done properly and in good time.

Curious to see How easy our process is?


Is the Concierge Service really free? *

Yes! Our Services are paid by the real estate firm your agent works for at the time of closing. Included in your Concierge Agreement is your consent to execute an Exclusive Buyer Representation or Exclusive Right to Sell agreement with the real estate firm that we have referred you to, covering all the costs of all services and support.

You’ll only be charged a minor processing fee of $99 upon signing your Concierge Agreement. This small fee will be Completely Refunded to you when closing on your Home within 6 months for a resale and 9 months for new construction.

Who is a Home Guides Representative?

A Home Guides Representative is an Unaffiliated and Unbiased Real Estate Professional fully committed your needs from start to finish.
In other words, we do all the legwork and look out for your best interests and needs, ensuring you have a hassle free home buying or selling experience.

Is the Concierge Service available in my area?

The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.

What Credentials do the Representatives have?

All our Representatives are licensed Real Estate Professionals with years of experience, have a verified track record, and possess exceptional customer service skills. All Representatives go through an extensive Application Process, including prior Client References, and are personally interviewed by John Herman, the Company's founder, a professional with over 30 years of experience.