What's Included in Your Home Purchase?

You arrive at the home and discover that the bookcases in the great room, the microwave in the kitchen and the gas grill are not there. What happened?

To answer this all-too-common issue, you need to be aware of what is personal and what is real property. There is a difference.

Real property is permanently affixed to the home and designed that way. Personal property, on the other hand can be easily removed by simply unplugging the item and unscrewing the water line to the ice maker on the refrigerator.

Items considered personal property are not generally included in the sale while real property is.

Let’s look at the following items and identify which is personal and which is real property

Top Bottom

Real Personal Real Personal

The top grill is likely personal property as demonstrated by the wheels which imply that it can be easily moved as well as its’ connection to a portable propane tank.

If, however, this grill is permanently connected to a gas line which was installed by a plumber, it would be considered real property which would remain with the home.

The bottom grill is likely real property as it is in the ground and does not contain any reasonable ability to move. Having a portable gas supply would not alter the real property status of the grill as it’s intent was to be a permanent installation as evidenced by the attachment to the ground.

Best Guidance

Clarify, in writing, that this grill is or is not included in the sale which should be stated in the purchase agreement.

How About These Microwaves?

Top Bottom

Real Personal Real Personal

The top microwave is likely personal property as it sits on the countertop and is movable and is powered by a standard wall outlet.

The microwave at the bottom could be either real or personal property. It appears to be permanently installed making it real property which would convey with the home.

However, be cautious if there is trim at the bottom of the unit. If this is the case, it may be part of the cabinetry designed to accommodate a standard microwave powered by a standard 110-volt outlet, making it personal property.

Best Guidance

In the case of the bottom microwave, clarify, in writing, that this wall unit is or is not included in the sale and should be stated in the purchase agreement.

Is this Flat Screen Personal or Real Property?

What About the Sound Bar?

If the flat screen is “hard wired” into the wall and is permanently attached to the mounting bracket, the wide screen would be considered real property and would have to remain.

If the TV is secured to the bracket by a designed attachment from the wide screen and is plugged into a standard wall, the flat screen would be considered perso